What We Do

Wellness Platform

StudentCare complements in-person counseling services to tackle several challenges:

  • Engaging students in counseling
  • Providing equitable access to all students, regardless of location or background
  • Easing the stigma of using mental health services
  • Rapidly scaling your counseling services without costly hiring and onboarding

We employ the world’s largest counseling service through Teladoc, the biggest provider of telephonic mental and physical health services to the U.S. student market through United Healthcare.

Telehealth Benefits

StudentCare delivers:

  • Mental Health Services via smart phone, video, and text with vetted mental health professionals
  • Medical Services includes 24/7 access to doctors and nurses for non-emergency medical needs ranging from Covid, flu, minor medical needs and more
  • A 3-week implementation schedule that complements your existing counseling and medical services

StudentCare delivers:

  • Responsive solutions that bring students from initial need to help within 48 hours
  • Digital marketing programs and connection with student ambassadors on your campus to engage and educate
  • Ongoing optimization of student outreach

Learn how to scale your counseling services with StudentCare