Common Issues – Our Solutions

Long wait times
Our Solution: Reduce wait time by having students access when and where they access professional help.

Lack of available services on nights and weekends
Our Solution: Mobile first technology keeps assistance at your fingertips 24/7.

Campus mental health services at capacity
Our Solution: A nationwide team of experts are on standby to ensure no one gets lost in the shuffle.

Underserved students
Our Solution: Health professionals are enabled to provide care and connect with additional streams of medical and mental health expertise.

Current system doesn’t address changing student needs
Our Solution: Personalized student interactions are tracked so health services can build on previous progress.


1. Stigma
Solution: Students can access a counseling services in a private and secure location of their choice.

2. Lack of Time
Solution: Video chat, phone, and asynchronous messaging with a counselor of the student’s choice when and where the student wants.

3. Costs
Solution: Zero utilization cost to the student and unlimited number of sessions.

How To Use Telehealth To Rapidly Scale Up Services To Meet Increased Demand

A Complement To Your Existing Services

Enhancing for traditional in-person counseling services

Adds after-hours and weekend support
Long-term and short term therapy solutions will off load pressure on your campus counseling center

Flexible, Sustainable, and Cost Effective

Scale up or down based on changing demand
Rapid implementation in as little as 3 weeks
Students have unlimited engagement with counselors
Counseling services are delivered at a fraction of the cost of in-person counseling

Lowering Barriers To Access

Increased privacy decreases stigma
Access to large therapist network — any specialty, any background (racial or ethnic, gender identity, sexual orientation)
Students are requesting it

Learn how to scale your counseling services with StudentCare