Scale up your counseling services for incoming students

  • Therapy when, where, and how students want it
  • Equitable access
  • Higher utilization with our marketing campaigns
  • Thriving students, post-COVID and beyond

It’s time to double-down on wellness

Meet students where they are, with the help they need

Despite the increased efforts of college counseling professionals, it’s difficult to help students who don’t walk through the door. StudentCare complements in-person counseling services to tackle several challenges:

  • Engaging students in counseling
  • Providing equitable access to all students, regardless of location or background
  • Easing the stigma of using mental health services
  • Rapidly scaling your counseling services without costly hiring and onboarding

Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness Are Peaking in College Students1

1McAlpine, Kat J. (2021). Depression, Anxiety, Loneliness Are Peaking in College Students. Boston University.

Effective Care from the World’s Largest Telehealth Provider

StudentCare employs the world’s largest counseling service through Teladoc. Teladoc is also the biggest provider of telephonic mental and physical health services to the U.S. student market through United Healthcare. Results of a study recently published in JMIR validate Teladoc’s efficacy, with outcomes comparable to or better than in-office counseling alone.

Telephonic Medical Help Included

24/7 care for non-emergency conditions ranging from cold, flu and allergies to acute conditions and complex chronic conditions, and more. Prescriptions can also be issued to a student’s local pharmacy. Over 70% of the students that use telephonic medical services do not need further medical care.

Scale to Meet Student Needs

StudentCare brings students from initial need to help within 48 hours. StudentCare can be implemented within 3 weeks and complements your existing wellness services.

Student Outreach

Increase student engagement with our school-branded student orientation materials and outreach programs. We launch digital marketing programs and work with student ambassadors on your campus to engage and educate students.

Volume Pricing

StudentCare provides volume pricing for colleges and universities of all sizes for HealthiestYou, Teladoc, and BetterHelp.

Concierge Service

StudentCare ensures a successful implementation with concierge service. You will have regular monthly or quarterly meetings to review program insights and student utilization rates, as we continually optimize student outreach.


Discreet counseling when, where, and how students choose


Text, chat, phone, video

College, university, post-grad


Online Counseling That Works

Therapy when, where, and how students want to engage – 24/7/365

  • Live and scheduled chat, phone and video
  • Therapist-matching service
  • Unlimited usage

  • No cost to students

  • Remove access barriers to counseling services 

The world’s largest online counseling service

  • 20,000+ licensed therapists, including psychologists (PsyD), licensed professional counselors (LPC), clinical social workers (LCSW), and licensed marriage and family therapists (LMFT)
  • Highly qualified: only 30% of applicants are accepted as therapists
  • From need to help within 48 hours
  • StudentCare can implement your telehealth counseling program in as little as 3 weeks
  • StudentCare account support including implementation, reports on student engagement, and utilization insights.

Student Outreach, Done for You

  • School-branded marketing materials
  • Custom marketing campaigns, working with your marketing teams
  • Student orientation programs
  • On-campus student influencer marketing
  • Ongoing campaign optimization based on student utilization.


StudentCare offers volume pricing on wellness programs to colleges and universities of all sizes, for U.S. and international students. Our programs include HealthiestYou, Teladoc, and BetterHelp. StudentCare’s telehealth counseling program complements traditional in-person counseling to meet the rising mental and behavioral health needs of students today. StudentCare aims to make professional counseling more accessible, affordable, and convenient—so students can fully maximize their engagement with school curriculum and their own personal development.

Learn how to scale your counseling services with StudentCare